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The Culture Reframed Program for Parents of Tweens and Program for Parents of Teens build young people’s resilience and resistance to hypersexualized media and porn while promoting their healthy development. These free online programs provide culturally competent, research-driven, age-based educational videos, downloads, and resources for parents.

These programs can be used online by parents and other concerned adults. In addition, the programs can be presented in live settings by downloading all PowerPoints and supporting resources. Let’s raise porn-resilient and resistant kids.

Videos for Teens

The video clips below are great conversation starters. We recommend watching them first in order to identify those best suited to your teen’s developmental level and needs.

Is free pornography altering our brains?

Kids today are watching porn like never before. It’s free, anonymous, accessible, and it’s having a devastating effect on users’ brains.

This episode (at right) of New Zealand TV3 current affairs program 3D includes discussions with former porn addict Gabe Deem; sexuality educator and Culture Reframed Director of Health Education Liz Walker; and scientist Dr. Donald Hilton.

Videos for Tweens

Prior to watching this video about masturbation, consider the following:

There is a big difference between masturbating to one’s own fantasies and masturbating to porn, especially for an adolescent. Watching porn involves neither creativity nor imagination. Only very recently has it been possible to masturbate to someone else’s fantasy, without even the creativity required to visualize the scene. This is not natural for our brains. To understand more about how harmful pornography can be for developing brains, access the Culture Reframed Parents Program Enrichment 1: Porn & the Brain.

Videos for Young Children


Culture Reframed has developed a model to help parents respond well when they discover their young person has viewed pornography. Access the COMPOSE Yourself! model and learn key strategies to navigate this journey.