Why Parents Need To Talk to Their Kids About Porn

By December 19, 2018January 3rd, 2019News

Julie Lynn-Evans, a prominent UK-based psychotherapist, is concerned about kids, sex, and porn.

Lynn-Evans told Quartz in a 2016 story that kids are seeing and experiencing things online that they cannot contextualize or process, much of it related to sex. “And they have nowhere to turn because parents have no idea what [kids] are doing online.”

Culture Reframed recognizes this fact and offers a free Parents of Tweens program that helps parents raise porn-resilient kids.

The Quartz story continued by citing a report that found that:

28% of 11-12-years-olds in the UK had seen porn, a figure which rises to 65% by the time they are 15. Kids were asked how they felt the first time they saw porn. Disgusted, shocked, and confused were the most common words they used—but those feelings waned, the more they watched.

Perhaps more disturbing was the impact: Of those who had seen porn, 21% of 11- to 12-year-olds and 42% of 15-year-olds wanted to emulate it. “One of our concerns is around developing healthy sexual relationships,” said Elena Martellozzo, one of the authors of the study. “To some of the children, porn is realistic and they want to copy what they see online, and that could lead to violence to partners or future partners.”

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