“Since I Got my Bike, I’ve Stopped Playing Fortnite”

By July 21, 2019February 18th, 2020For Parents
Boys are choosing bikes over screens

The amount of time kids spend on screens — even in the summer — is off the charts. But these kids in a city outside Boston have put away their smartphones and rediscovered…bikes!

Here’s an excerpt from this Boston Globe story:

They were finally able to go to the bike store and pick out the bikes they’d been salivating over: a “Big Flyer” with a white frame, red pads, and huge, 29-inch red tires for Nathan. Little bro went with the smaller “SoCal Flyer,” all black except for the pink 24-inch tires.

“The first day I got my bike, I rode it for eight hours,” Nathan says. “Now I ride it for a minimum three to five hours a day.”

“Since I got my bike, I’ve stopped playing ‘Fortnite,’ ” their 12-year-old buddy Caiden Teague chimes in. “This is so much better.”

Kids and screens often seem inseparable, but with the right activities, and open minds, the separation can be accomplished.
Other activities that can help lure kids away from screens, include camping, reading an engaging book series, a factory tour (chocolate!) or checking out a museum that focuses on a topic that’s intriguing to the child. Prepare for groans when you suggest any of these, but children can quickly become engrossed in a new activity, particularly if it’s interactive.
Teens taking a selfie

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