“Since I Got my Bike, I’ve Stopped Playing Fortnite”

By July 21, 2019 September 21st, 2019 For Parents
Boys are choosing bikes over screens

The amount of time kids spend on screens — even in the summer — is off the charts. But these kids in a city outside Boston have put away their smartphones and rediscovered…bikes!

Here’s an excerpt from this Boston Globe story:

They were finally able to go to the bike store and pick out the bikes they’d been salivating over: a “Big Flyer” with a white frame, red pads, and huge, 29-inch red tires for Nathan. Little bro went with the smaller “SoCal Flyer,” all black except for the pink 24-inch tires.

“The first day I got my bike, I rode it for eight hours,” Nathan says. “Now I ride it for a minimum three to five hours a day.”

“Since I got my bike, I’ve stopped playing ‘Fortnite,’ ” their 12-year-old buddy Caiden Teague chimes in. “This is so much better.”

Kids and screens often seem inseparable, but with the right activities, and open minds, it can be done.
A child with his hands on a smartphone

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