Video: Gail Dines on Pornography as a Public Health Crisis

By February 20, 2017March 6th, 2020For Health Professionals, For Parents, News
Portrait of Dr. Gail Dines of Culture Reframed. Make kids resilient to porn.

A video from TruthAboutPorn features Culture Reframed President and CEO Dr. Gail Dines speaking on what porn does to young people and how talking about it in a truthful, critical way can liberate people from its damaging effects and help them reclaim their authentic sexuality.

“You can’t be pro-porn and pro-sex. You have to pick one. And I think those of us who are against pornography are against pornography because we can’t stand what it does to sex. We can’t stand to see the way it reduces sex to an industrial, toxic product, which is exactly what pornography does.” ~ Dr. Gail Dines

Watch video here.


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