Fortnite Trains Kids’ Brains to ‘Crave More’

Fortnite, kids and addiction

Physicians are seeing kids — as young as grade-school students — so addicted to the online game Fortnite that they are not eating, according to a recent Boston Globe story.

Why is Fortnite—a multiplayer game of survival—so addictive?

“In the case of ‘Fortnite,’ the psychological manipulation combines with the game’s flashy colors, its many potential plots, and the element of social interaction to stimulate the brain and train it to ‘crave’ more, according to Ofir Turel, a professor of Information Systems and Decision Sciences at California State University Fullerton.

And the same neural responses that makes tweens vulnerable to online porn are at work here:

“Kids are especially vulnerable to this ‘variable-reward’ mechanism because their brains are still imbalanced,” he explained. “They have almost fully developed reward processing brain systems but their self-control systems are not yet fully developed.”

Read the full story on Fortnite and kids.

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