Culture Reframed’s Dr. Gail Dines’ Op-Ed Piece in The Washington Post

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Is porn immoral? That doesn’t matter: It’s a public health crisis

By Gail Dines

Originally published in the Washington Post on April 8th, 2016

Last month, the Republican-led Utah House of Representatives became the first legislative body in the United States to pass a resolution declaring pornography “a public health hazard leading to a broad spectrum of individual and public health impacts and societal harms.” The liberal backlash criticized the measure as an antiquated bit of conservative moralizing, with the Daily Beast calling it “hypocritical” and “short-sighted.” “The science just isn’t there,” wrote Rewire, an online journal dedicated to dispelling “falsehoods and misinformation.”

The thing is, no matter what you think of pornography (whether it’s harmful or harmless fantasy), the science is there. After 40 years of peer-reviewed research, scholars can say with confidence that porn is an industrial product that shapes how we think about gender, sexuality, relationships, intimacy, sexual violence and gender equality — for the worse. By taking a health-focused view of porn and recognizing its radiating impact not only on consumers but also on society at large, Utah’s resolution simply reflects the latest research.

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Dr. Gail Dines is president and CEO of Culture Reframed. Raise porn-resilient kids with Culture Reframed’s free, online Parents of Tweens program.

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