CR Travels To Raise Awareness About Hypersexualized Media & Porn

Washington DC

Culture Reframed staff have been busy disseminating information on the ways hypersexualized media and porn affect kids and communities. So far, this year, CR has been to Los Angeles; Spokane, Washington;  and Washington, D.C. Next up, Dr. Gail Dines, President & CEO of Culture Reframed, travels to Brazil.

Los Angeles

Dr. Dines visited a number of Los Angeles-area schools to speak to gatherings of parents, teachers, and high school students during a visit in February. Her talk inspired students at one of the schools to participate in an extended debate — via their school newspaper — about the harms of hypersexualized media and porn, raising consciousness on the issue.

Dines also participated in a large event at Temple Sinai moderated by Rabbi David Wolpe (see photo), author of the bestseller Making Loss Matter: Creating Meaning in Difficult Times. The discussion focused on the impact of hypersexualized media and porn on kids, families and culture.

Culture Reframed also hosted a celebratory lunch for a group of parents and professionals who have organized previous Culture Reframed talks across LA, opening the door to various schools and other institutions as well as linking Culture Reframed to key figures in the health and child protection fields.

São Paulo, Brazil

A Brazilian documentary team visited Boston in April to shoot footage of Dr. Dines for a film that will address sexual violence and pornography, a much-needed conversation in Brazil, according to the team. The documentary will be shown on Brazilian TV and in theaters across Brazil as a way to begin raising mass awareness on the sexual exploitation of women and girls in the nation. Dr. Dines will travel to Brazil in May to meet with leaders and help launch this important discussion.

Spokane, Washington

Culture Reframed traveled to Spokane, Washington, to deliver a keynote address at a full-day conference at Gonzaga University, featuring academic discussion on pornography from the perspectives of psychology, neuroscience, and sociology. The event was packed with professionals from the child protection, child welfare, and health fields.

Washington, D.C.

Culture Reframed staff attended a conference in Washington, D.C., where Dr. Dines gave a keynote speech at one of the first major conferences in the country to address the increase of child-on-child sexual abuse and its connection to pornography. At the conference, Culture Reframed staff connected with Heidi Olson, the sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) coordinator at the prominent pediatric medical center Mercy Hospital (Kansas City, Mo.). The hospital is leading an effort to collect data on the occurrence of child-on-child sexual abuse influenced by porn.

A child with his hands on a smartphone

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