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The Boston Globe published a piece (Sept. 6, 2020) on kids and access to porn — How to Build Your Children’s Resistance To Porn — that features the work of Culture Reframed.

“The risk has only intensified during the pandemic, which often keeps young people at home and isolated, tied to screens that often provide their only lifeline to peers or school,” writes Globe reporter Stephanie Ebbert. 

Dr. Gail Dines, Founder & President of Culture Reframed, describes the issue: “Kids are more at risk than they’ve ever been. This is a pandemic within a pandemic. Parents can’t monitor as much as they did because they’re just overwhelmed with home schooling and having kids home through the summer.”
Culture Reframed’s free Program for Parents of Tweens and Program for Parents of Teens address the “stealth public health crisis,” according to Dines.
The story describes some of the most-viewed content in today’s porn: “Consider that free Internet porn is rife with images of male aggression and female degradation, often featuring rough anal sex, name-calling, hair-pulling, spanking, women being strangled during sex, and women being gagged with body parts. As a result, Dines argues that porn is altering sexual expectations, skewing gender norms, and teaching young people that women enjoy painful or degrading sex acts.”

Read the full Boston Globe story on porn in the pandemic and kids.

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Where are your kids getting their sex education? Their smartphones? In this digital age, it’s critical for young people to have trusted adults to help them build resilience and resistance to hypersexualized media and porn. Check out Culture Reframed’s free online Programs for Parents of Tweens and Program for Parents of Teens.


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