Liz Walker of Culture Reframed

CR In Sweden ~

Culture Reframed President and CEO Dr. Gail Dines and Director of Health Education Liz Walker traveled to Stockholm, Sweden, to give a series of lectures to government officials, child protective services, health educators, and Parliamentary ministers in September, about the role the CR Parents of Tweens program can play in building resilience and resistance in kids to hypersexualized media and porn. Dines was interviewed on radio, and met with Per-Anders Sunesson, Swedish ambassador at large for combating trafficking in persons as well as public health officials and child protection experts. 

Walker (pictured above) presented a number of talks about the CR Parents of Tweens program and the need for schools to be involved in building sexual health and relationship curricula.

The main organizer of the visit was Unizon, a Swedish organization that represents over 130 Swedish women’s shelters, young women’s empowerment centers, and other support services, which work together for a gender-equal society free from violence.

Dines also gave the keynote address at a conference organized by Talita, a Swedish organization that provides support to trafficked women. She discussed the link between porn and trafficking, before an audience of mainly law enforcement officials who are tasked with enforcing the Nordic Model, which decriminalizes those who are prostituted, and charges buyers and pimps.

CR In England ~

Dr. Dines visited the UK to deliver the keynote address on the relationship between porn and violence against women and children at the Women’s Aid Federation of England National Conference in Lester. The Federation aims to end domestic violence against women and children. In London, she addressed a half-day conference for feminist and child protective agencies all over England.

British public-service television network Channel 4 filmed each of Dines’ appearances for its upcoming documentary on porn and Dines’ role in the anti-porn movement.

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