Young Men and Boys Often Struggle To Quit Porn

Boys can struggle with quitting porn

When porn is free and easy to access online, an array of consequences can arise, including trouble quitting porn, as well as issues relating to the attitudes and beliefs of users, and erectile dysfunction.

Now, a HuffPost/UK story examines the difficulty young men and boys have encountered quitting porn. 

Paula Hall, a psychotherapist who specializes in treating porn addiction at the Laurel Centre in London says she is not surprised about these numbers because so many men in the UK are increasingly worried about their relationship with porn and masturbation. In fact, the numbers of men seeking professional help to treat porn addiction grows year on year in Britain.

“I’ve been in this business a decade, but every year the numbers double. We’re needing to train more and more staff to cope with demand,” she says. “And this has all grown directly in correlation with the rise in free internet pornography.”

Fight the New Drug, an organization that, like Culture Reframed, works on educating the public about the harms of porn, feature on its website a first-person account from a man who worked at quitting porn. Here is one of the tactics he used:

1. I quit something else at the same time I quit porn.

For example, I quit eating meat at the same time I quit watching porn, and this helped. Curbing my desires, I have found, put me back in control. If you let yourself eat too much, you likely will want to watch porn, because you have fallen prey to lack self-control. Curb your diet to eat only healthy foods, and you can curb anything else in your life. This is like a fallen rancher getting back on his runaway horse that’s dragging him. You are in control of your body, and you should be the captain. Do whatever it takes to get back in control.

Teens taking a selfie

Where are your kids getting their sex education? Their smartphones? In this digital age, it’s critical for young people to have trusted adults to help them build resilience and resistance to hypersexualized media and porn. Check out Culture Reframed’s free online Programs for Parents of Tweens and Program for Parents of Teens.


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