Blake Lively Gives Emotional Speech on Child Pornography

By May 14, 2017 January 3rd, 2019 Media Literacy, News, Porn Culture
Actor Blake Lively at a microphone

Actress turned activist, Blake Lively tells of the heartbreaking reality that is child pornography and implores all of us to get involved and to support the Child Rescue Coalition and its new technology to track down those who download abusive material.

“I feel like I have to share it with you…It is disturbing and I want to warn you, but I feel it’s my responsibility to tell you guys, because it is the truth and I believe if we all knew this, we would dedicate much more of ourselves to stopping it…”

“…Because of the internet and there is so much content, these pedophiles are desensitized, because of that, the kids are getting younger and the content is getting that much more devastating…”

“The average abuser abuses between 50 and 100 children in their lifetime…Between 55 and 90% of people viewing it [child pornography] are actually hands on abusers or will become abusers…”  ~Blake Lively

We commend and support Blake’s out-spoken efforts to bring awareness to the issue of sexual abuse and exploitation of children and to give a bigger platform to the Child Rescue Coalition, who is finding viable ways to stop it. We are grateful that public figures like Blake are using their voices and taking a stand in this way, especially for those who have no voice.

Watch video here or below.