At Culture Reframed, we understand how daunting it can be to raise kids in an environment that normalizes hypersexualized pop culture and violent mainstream pornography. That’s why we are bringing you the Culture Reframed Parents Program. This is a complete best practice toolkit to build knowledge and tools in parents so they can raise porn-resilient kids.

The Culture Reframed Parents Program builds young people’s resilience and resistance to porn culture, while promoting their healthy development. This free online program provides culturally competent, research-driven, age-based educational videos, downloads and resource links for parents, covering:

  • Hypersexualized media, pornography, and their harmful effects
  • Age-based parenting for building healthy foundations, strengthening resilience and promoting positive relationships
  • The brain science of pornography use and addiction, and approaches for intervention and support
  • Community mobilization strategies to prevent and respond to the public health crisis of the digital age

This dual-purposed program can be utilized by parents online. In addition, active community members can take full advantage of the learning materials, download all PowerPoints and supporting resources, and deliver the parents program within their own community. Together, we are reframing culture.

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